Wine Passport

Wine Passport TV Seris, Portabottiglie in pelle di alta qualità o soffice e colorato neoprene, con tracolla in pelle o cordoncino, per portare il tuo vino con te, disponibile in nero e in orange/yellow e pink, per lasciare spazio alla tua fantasia!

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CALIPSO, a soft leather cylinder, furrowed by the flicker of a zip, wearing bright colors like lacquer red, emerald green, intense as royal blue and crimson, or covered with bark and its brown-pink shades or with a suggestive texture, meaningful and unexpected.

BACCO winelover is made of high-quality leather, playing with contrasts, both in shape and color. In a cylindrical and rigid body overlaps a soft cap, closed by a dark-brown or royal blue lace.

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VENERE, a small bottle holder bag, wraps itself in soft fur with sophisticated colors, like those of BLACK CROSS MINK, natural white sprinkled with black, the SWAKARA PERSIAN, blue reflections brushed with pearl grey, of ORYLAG, chestnut brown brightened by ecru nuances or with bright and lively colors as those of LAPIN REX, pure white and vermilion red.

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SELENE, the bottle holder bag that follows you during the most happy and funny moments!

Selene has the color of the moon, which is not only dark gray with light gray patches, but is also yellow, white, pink, red, blue, black.

It is made of faux fur, that offers a good softness to the touch and recalls the real fur at the sight, interpreting it imaginatively!

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